Intranet DASHBOARD Version 8.2.3

Posted on January 07, 2019

Intranet DASHBOARD version 8.2.3 introduces improvements to the software. 

Intranet DASHBOARD 8.2.3 Improvements



  • Extended SAML login support to Shibboleth.


  • Updated security model to remove ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Login On Demand’ access so that all users require an authenticated login in order to access the site.
  • Resolved an issue where user was unable to add a thumbnail image to a video.
  • Improved security against cross-site scripting attacks.

iD CMS                                      


  • Resolved an issue where user was unable to copy files having special characters in the file name to a mapped folder.
  • Resolved an issue where iD CMS file Preview and/or Download links were not being copied.
  • Resolved an issue where must read items were getting indexed, causing search results to have all the must read item links.
  • Resolved an issue where Active Directory users with an apostrophe in their first name / last name / username were unable to confirm any ‘must read’ items.
  • Resolved an issue where usernames containing the @ symbol were being highlighted as 'Not Found' in the Link Checker report.


My iD


  • Resolved an issue where the text in the User Profile component used to be wrapped in tablet and phone mode.




  • Resolved a crash issue, which occurred while accessing the Rest RSS page on Admin site.



  • Resolved an issue where search result links were being displayed with subsite names instead of subsite URL.
  • Resolved an intermittent issue where search results were not being generated correctly.
  • Resolved an issue where using 'Enter' key while using search in Site Header took user to Profile Directory search page.


System Requirements

For information on the minimum hardware specifications required to successfully upgrade to iD 8.2.3, please see the Technical Specifications


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