Intranet DASHBOARD Version 8.2.1/8.2.2

Posted on August 30, 2018

Intranet DASHBOARD Version 8.2.1/8.2.2 – Release Notes

Intranet DASHBOARD version 8.2.1 introduces new features and improvements to the software.

Please note the following when upgrading to iD 8.2.1 from earlier iD versions:

Intranet DASHBOARD 8.2.1 Enhancements & Improvements



  • Channel post with multiple tagged channels.
    • My iD posts containing multiple tagged channels will now maintain comments and likes across all tagged channels, rather than tracking these separately in each channel.

  • Email notification for My iD unread count.
    • System will now send an email notification if users have any unread My iD posts.
    • Single email will be generated for My iD unread count and Assign Notifications.

  • Password hashing and salting.
    • All user passwords are now stored as salted hashes, increasing security and ensuring that passwords cannot be decrypted, even in the event that the iD database is compromised.

  • Password reset functionality.
    • Added ability to reset password for Admin users as well as Front end users.
    • With this change, system triggers an email with a ‘Reset Password’ link, which remains valid for 20 minutes.

  • Updated all supported localization files with translations for newly added text.


  • Resolved an issue where user was unable to crop an image in Image Component.
  • Resolved an issue where table structure was breaking after adding partially formed script tags as content.
  • Resolved an inconsistent issue with LDAP sync failure.
  • Resolved an issue where Department was not getting updated for a user if that user is imported into the system using bulk user import functionality.
  • Added protocol options for Insert Link in Formatted Text component.
  • Resolved an issue where diagnostics page was breaking after enabling SSPI authentication.
  • Resolved an error, which was occurring while updating the expired password for users.

    iD CMS


  • Resolved an issue with editing a file from a mapped folder.
  • Updated the WebDAV folder mapping process so that ‘/dav/’ must be included before the subsite name in the URL when mapping an iD CMS Folder. E.g. To map the folder path ‘ ‘ the following URL would be used: ‘.

  • Resolved an issue with Print Screen pop up.
  • Resolved an issue where users were able to move iD CMS pages even when they did not have the required permissions.
  • Resolved slowness issue, which was occurring while accessing iD CMS Files.
  • Added XSS support for Must Read fields.

    Layout Manager


  • Resolved an issue where components added by users having contributor permission were not being displayed to users having full control permission while approving the changes.

    My iD


  • Resolved an issue where apostrophe was being displayed as question mark on Activity Feed and Channels Feed.
  • Resolved an issue where plus sign added for Phone or Mobile Metadata was not being saved.
  • Resolved an issue with trending calculations where posts with multiple tagged channels were not being considered in the calculation.
  • Resolved an issue with actor pop up where long first name or last name and email addresses were not being displayed completely.
  • Resolved an issue where embedded video files were not being displayed on Activity Feed.
  • Updated Channels Security text on Admin site.
  • Resolved an issue where non-English characters were being displayed as question mark on Activity Feed.

    Online Forms


  • Resolved an error, which was occurring on accessing an Online Form that contains a file in the Description field.
  • Resolved an error, which was occurring on the front-end site while adding a filter.
  • Resolved an error, which was occurring on sorting the data on front-end site.
  • Resolved an issue of not showing all the fields on front-end site if one of the Form field contains more than 126 characters.
  • Resolved an issue where Submission ID was being sent as blank in the email notification.



  • Resolved an issue, which was occurring while accessing My iD posts through search results.

System Requirements

For information on the minimum hardware specifications required to successfully upgrade to iD 8.2.1, please see the Technical Specifications. 

Upgrade Instructions

For details on how to upgrade to iD 8.2.1 please visit and complete the ‘Upgrade Form’ located in the ‘Software Upgrade’ section of the portal.  

If you have any other queries please contact us at