Intranet DASHBOARD Version 8.1

Posted on August 30, 2018

Intranet DASHBOARD Version 8.1 – Release Notes

Intranet DASHBOARD version 8.1 introduces new features and improvements to the software.  

Please note the following when upgrading to iD 8.1 from earlier iD versions:
  • The iD version 8.1 release also contains updates released in version 8.0 and version 8.0.2.
  • A new Intranet DASHBOARD language resource file for version 8.1 is available for those who have chosen to customize their iD website text. Instructions for customizing your language resource file and a link to download the updated file are available on the Intranet DASHBOARD Help site here:

Intranet DASHBOARD 8.1 Enhancements & Improvements



Implemented multiple new features and enhancements in the My iD application to improve its usability and functionality.  These include:

  • Profile Directory now uses a single search box to search all profile data, streamlining the search process.
  • Added customizable filters to the Profile Directory page. This allows users to easily refine the search results by selecting from a list of existing values for nominated profile data fields.
  • Key user details are now displayed alongside an enlarged profile image within Profile Directory search results. This makes finding the right person even easier.
  • Added ‘Priority Contacts’ functionality to allow certain user profiles to be associated with selected search keywords and displayed at the top of matching search results.
  • Updated Profile Directory layout component to also use the single search box.
  • Added new ‘Pinned Channels’ profile component that can be placed on user profiles to display #Channels that have been pinned by the user.
  • Added functionality to encourage users to fill out their profile by limiting access to the Profile Directory search until the user’s profile has been completed.
  • Improved permission management for #Channels for better control of which users can add, edit and delete channels.
Enhanced the Add/Edit processes for files and folders in iD CMS to improve usability.  
  • The Add/Edit interface has been simplified to help streamline the process of adding and updating files and folders within iD.
  • Implemented separate fields for #Channels and @Mentions to encourage users to create helpful connections between content and people.
  • When uploading multiple files an overall progress bar is displayed in addition to a separate progress bar for the file currently being uploaded.
  • File property details can now be entered simultaneously while files are in the process of being uploaded.


  • Microsoft Office files can now be directly edited from the iD CMS folder view as well as the Lightbox view.
  • File details are now automatically updated for users viewing the iD CMS folder view or Lightbox when a file is updated via Microsoft Office or WebDAV.
  • Implemented several usability enhancements to the iD CMS folder view, including adding ‘View’ and ‘Copy Link’ actions.
  • Added a Search box to the iD CMS folder view, allowing users to search all files and pages within the selected folder and its sub-folders to more easily find the content they are looking for.
  • Lightbox preview in iD CMS now supports all file types, including media files, non-media files and iD CMS pages, and provides more information about file details.
  • Added an enhanced email template system, allowing system emails sent by iD to be easily modified and customized.


  • Automated search crawlers no longer use a license slot when accessing the iD site's 'robots.txt' file while indexing the site.

iD Administration System


  • Resolved an issue that caused applications that had been set to not be searchable within a subsite to instead be disabled on that subsite.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented syncing of metadata attributes with the default LDAP server when the LDAP server connection was setup to use SSL.



  • Updated the Sharepoint Connector API application to support paging when showing items from Sharepoint. Page length can be customized to display a set number of items per page, or to show all items without paging.



iD Upgrader


  • Resolved error that could occur while upgrading iD if the iD instance is setup to connect to an LDAP server using SSL.




  • Resolved issue in the Link Checker that could result in valid links being incorrectly reported as not found.
  • Resolved error that could prevent users whose name includes an apostrophe from creating layouts and iD CMS folders and pages.
  • Resolved 'Bad Request' error that could occur when attempting to upload multiple files at once.


My iD


  • Updated the 'Show newer comments' message on Activity Feed, #Channels and Private Groups to be visible even when the comments section isn't expanded.


Online Forms


  • Resolved issue that caused changes to be saved instead of discarded after clicking the 'Cancel' button while editing the workflow for an online form.



  • Resolved error that occurred during workflow execution when invalid text had been entered into an email address field in the workflow.
  • Resolved issue that could cause approvers to be incorrectly removed from a workflow step when they are removed from a website user group.


System Requirements 
For information on the minimum hardware specifications required to successfully upgrade to iD 8.1, please see the Technical Specifications.

Upgrade Instructions
For details on how to upgrade to iD 8.1 please visit and complete the ‘Upgrade Form’ .  
If you have any other queries please contact us at