Intranet DASHBOARD Version 8.0

Posted on August 30, 2018

Intranet DASHBOARD version 8.0 introduces new features and improvements to the software.                                                                                           

Please note the following when upgrading to iD 8.0 from earlier iD versions:

  • A new Intranet DASHBOARD language resource file for version 8.0 is available for those who have chosen to customize their iD website text.Instructions for customizing your language resource file and a link to download the updated file are available on the Intranet DASHBOARD Help site here:
  • The following default iD themes will not be supported in iD 8.0: Anchor, Classic3, Cobalt, Fuji, and Lincoln. Subsites using these themes will be updated to use the Crisp theme as part of the upgrade process.

Intranet DASHBOARD 8.0 Enhancements & Improvements



  • Added ‘#Channels’ in My iD. My iD application now has a hash tagging system called ‘#Channels’ that allows content within iD to be hash tagged.
  • Added ‘Private Groups’. My iD application now has a Private Groups area that allows teams to communicate via a shared activity feed.
  • iD CMS has two new components – My Activity Feed and #Channel Feed. 
    My Activity Feed – when used this will load a subset of the logged in users activity feed.
    #Channel Feed – when used this will load a subset of all channel posts or a specific channel feed.
  • Added ability to upload files to iD CMS Folders. This includes a simple approval process for Creators and Contributors, and also includes version control and other standard properties such as future scheduled publish date and expiry.
  • Implemented a preview lightbox for files when clicked in the iD CMS Folder view and My Files. When Image and Video files are loaded, they are shown along with next and previous arrows and a filmstrip to move between images/videos.
  • Metadata can be set on iD CMS Folders. Values for those fields can be set for any page or file within that folder or subfolders.
  • iD can now act as a WebDAV server to provide remote access to files and folders within iD CMS. This allows users to map an iD CMS folder as a Network Drive on their computer which makes bulk uploading of multiple files or entire folder structures possible.


  • Added support for Google Apps, Microsoft Azure and ADFS as SAML identity providers.
  • Implemented several performance enhancements to improve speed and usability.
  • URLs of files in the File Download component now remain the same after uploading a new version of the file.
  • An iD logo will now display on mobile devices when the iD intranet site is added to the home screen.
  • Implemented security improvements to provide enhanced protection against cross site scripting attacks.
  • Resolved an error that could occur when adding or editing a website user from the administration system if the ‘webmaster email address’ setting contained an invalid address.
  • Resolved error that could occur when iD attempts to load the license file.
  • Improved handling of multiple popup windows open at once so that background popup windows are correctly disabled.
  • Resolved issue that could cause some images and links not to function correctly on the frontend website when using multiple hostnames to access the iD website.
  • Resolved issue that caused the ‘cookies disabled’ error message to be incorrectly displayed when loading the frontend site login page directly without first loading another page on the iD site.

Website Users


  • Resolved a couple of intermittent errors that could occur during authentication of Active Directory users.
  • Resolved issue that prevented website user group membership from automatically updating when an Active Directory user logged into the frontend website using the manual login page.
  • Resolved an error that could occur in rare cases when deleting and re-adding a website user, and then logging in as that user.
  • Improved validation when using automated bulk-importing of users.
  • Resolved an error when removing a website user from a user group that caused the user to also be incorrectly removed from other assigned user groups.
  • Resolved intermittent error that could occur when viewing the Logged In Users admin page.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the ‘Logged In Users’ admin page to display an incorrect user count when iD is running in a load-balanced environment.
  • Resolved an error that could occur when updating an Active Directory password during iD website login.
  • Resolved Chrome browser issue that caused the cursor not to display until typing starts, after selecting the rich textbox control.  

iD Administration System


  • Improved validation of Distinguished Name field when adding or editing an LDAP server.
  • ‘SAML Identity Provide SSO Target URL’ Config setting now supports URLs with query strings.  

Content Publisher


  • Resolved an issue in IE 11/Chrome with files not displaying on the Download tab when managing a Content Publisher folder in the administration system.

Company Calendar


  • Resolved an issue that prevented Calendar events from saving when using the ‘No new occurrences after’ recurrence option.
  • Improved text-wrapping on Calendar filter names.
  • Resolved an issue that caused OK button to be hidden for some users when editing a Calendar event on the frontend website.



  • Updated Forum to use full rich textbox when adding posts.


  • Fixed display issue that could cause images added to subcategories to display at an incorrect size.



  • Resolved an issue that caused inactive templates to be made active after editing, even if they were still set to be inactive.
  • Edit Folder page now requires at least one owner to be selected before changes to the folder can be applied.
  • Improved performance when generating the permissions report in the administration system.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the Page List component to omit a small number of pages when set to display as three columns.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause pages whose template had been deleted to appear blank.
  • Improved handling of components that are no longer available on iD CMS pages and layouts.
  • Resolved intermittent error that could occur when opening a page containing the Facebook API component.   

Layout Manager


  • Resolved an error that occurred when directly linking to a page that is using an expired subsite layout.

Nav Editor


  • Resolved an error that occurred when deleting the last item in a vertical Nav bar.



  • Streamlined the Add News process when adding an article that links to an external source.
  • Improved performance of News layout component.
  • Improved text wrapping around article thumbnail images in News layout component.
  • Resolved an issue that caused missing images in News articles after renaming the category containing the article.

Online Forms


  • Improved performance when listing forms with large numbers of submissions on the front end website and administration system.
  • Improved handling of file upload fields in CSV export of form submissions so that uploaded files with special characters in their name and fields without any uploaded file no longer produce invalid links.
  • CSV export of form submissions now displays ‘Submitted By’ column of user names that the submissions belong to rather than ‘Submitted By Actor ID’, which contained the users’ IDs rather than user names, when ‘Include Submission ID’ is checked during form creation.
    Resolved an issue that caused the value of ‘Ratings’ fields to be omitted from emails sent to Approvers as part of the workflow process.

Statistics Reporter


  • Improved accuracy of page view statistics by ignoring extra request used to set the user’s time zone at the beginning of their session.

System Requirements
For information on the minimum hardware specifications required to successfully upgrade to iD 8.0, please see the Technical Specifications

Upgrade Instructions
For details on how to upgrade to iD 8.0 please visit and complete the ‘Upgrade Form’ located in the ‘Software Upgrade’ section of the portal. If you have any other queries please contact us at