Intranet DASHBOARD Version 7.2

Posted on August 30, 2018

Please note the following when upgrading to iD 7.2 from earlier iD versions:

  • A new Intranet DASHBOARD language resource file for version 7.2 is available for those who have chosen to customize their iD website text.  Instructions for customizing your language resource file and a link to download the updated file are available on the Intranet DASHBOARD Help site here:

Intranet DASHBOARD 7.2 Enhancements & Improvements



  • Added functionality to allow user to set an expiry date manually even when ‘Expiry in days from modification’ config setting is enabled. Previously, if a user tried to select any other expiry date, it was not saved as the expiry date of that iD CMS page. Instead the expiry date of the iD CMS page was auto extended by the value in the config setting ‘Expiry in days from modification’. In v7.2, we have added functionality to allow users to override the config setting value and select a new expiry date while in edit mode for iD CMS pages.
  • Added functionality to add Owners to Online Forms. Like iD CMS, Owners can now be added to Online Forms.

Document Manager


  • Resolved an issue where spaces were trimmed from the downloaded document name. Also description field now shows document title without trimming spaces.However trimming of spaces is only restricted for manual upload of any document in Document Manager, if user uploads a document using URL then downloading the same document will not have spaces in the document name.



  • Resolved all alignment issues on Forum home page, ‘View All Unanswered Posts’ page and ‘View Your Posts’ page.



  • Message – ‘No results found for current search criteria’, will be displayed on iD CMS Folders and Pages when search does not return any results while searching users on ‘Owners’ and ‘Security’ tab.

Layout Manager


  • Added new custom class names to all cells for all display modes on all Subsite Templates.
  • Updated cell paddings for all templates.

My iD


  • Resolved an issue with scroll bar appearing on Profile Directory when a field with long name is added in it.



  • Resolved an issue with scroll bars appearing on mobile display mode.              

Online Forms


  • Resolved an issue where users were able to click on ‘Submit’ button multiple times for a single submission. ‘Submit’ button now gets grayed out as soon user clicks it once.
  • Resolved an issue where required field validations were not triggered while submitting any Online Form.
  • Resolved an error which could occur on editing any form field after saving the previous changes.
  • Resolved alignment issue on view submission page.



  • Resolved alignment issues on mobile display mode.
  • Added proper padding between the input box and the ‘GO’ button.

Survey Manager


  • Added ‘Sent By’ column on ‘Sent Survey Frame’ to display the name of the person who has sent out that Survey.

System Requirements

For information on the minimum hardware specifications required to successfully upgrade to iD 7.2, please see the Technical Specifications

Upgrade Instructions

For details on how to upgrade to iD 7.2 please visit and complete the ‘Upgrade Form’ located in the ‘Software Upgrade’ section of the portal. 

If you have any other queries please contact us at