Intranet DASHBOARD Version 7.1

Posted on August 30, 2018

Please note the following when upgrading to iD 7.1 from earlier iD versions:

  • A new Intranet DASHBOARD language resource file for version 7.1 is available for those who have chosen to customize their iD website text.  Instructions for customizing your language resource file and a link to download the updated file are available on the Intranet DASHBOARD Help site here:

Intranet DASHBOARD 7.1 Enhancements & Improvements



  • Added support for multiple image upload in Image Library from front-end website. This functionality allows users to create new folders and upload multiple images from the front-end. Only users with full control or editor permissions can create folders from the front-end. Images can also be uploaded by a simple drag-and-drop.

  • Added functionality to lookup a submitter’s Manager as an approver using workflow and Online Forms. Previously on each step of a workflow under ‘Editing Rights’, Submitter, Approvers and Both could be selected to determine who could edit items at that particular step. This enhancement has changed these options to Submitter, Approvers and/or Manager. Any combination of these options can be selected at a particular step of a workflow. When the Manager option is selected at a step, an Active Directory or My iD Profile page lookup will be done to determine the manager of a Submitter. This person will then have editing privileges for the form submission at that step. An additional option has been added to Actions -> Email so that a Manager can be sent an email. This option is {ManagerEmailAddress} and can be used in the From, To, CC and BCC fields as required.

  • Added ‘List Week’ and ‘List Fortnight’ display formats in Calendar component properties. Users can customize the display of the Calendar component by selecting one of these new display formats. More information is available here:

  • Added functionality to show information about deleted iD CMS pages. When a user tries to access a deleted iD CMS page, system will display information including Title, Date Deleted, Deleted By, etc. along with options to create an iD CMS Folder and/or page based on their access permission. Deleted page information will be shown to the user until the page is removed permanently or a new page with the same URL has been created.

  • Added ‘Page and Folder Request Access Email Recipients’ config setting. This config setting can be used to select either ‘Full Control users’ or ‘Owners’ to receive ‘page and folder access request’ notification emails. Default value is ‘Full Control users’. More information is available here: 
  • Added ‘Category - Number of items in More News display’ config setting. This config setting can be used to control the number of news articles that are displayed on the ‘More News’ view for a News category. More information is available here:  
  • Added functionality to delete Online Forms submissions. Users with Full Control or Editor permission are now able to delete Online Forms submissions.
  • Owners can now be added to iD CMS pages while the page is in staging.


  • Added support for HTTP Strict Transport Security.
  • Resolved an issue where invalid sites were included in the subsites count for a subsite group.
  • Resolved an error that could occur when an Active Directory user tries to access a site when his/her password is about to expire, or when ‘user must change password at next login’ option is selected.
  • Updated API to support date picker for API components.

iD Administration System


  • Extended ‘Recycle Bin’ access to Site Managers and Group Managers.

Ad Manager


  • Resolved an issue with Ad Manager ‘Priority’ field not displaying correct percentage.

Employee Training


  • Resolved an error which might occur when user tries to delete a document from a course.



  • Resolved an issue with the creation of duplicate FAQ groups when two FAQ instances have the exact same groups in them.



  • Added a default heading for Page List component.
  • Updated ‘Source File’ column in Link Checker report to display content in sorted order.                       


  • Updated text to display the correct heading in the popup window while copying or moving an iD CMS template.
  • Resolved an issue where a user with Editor permission was unable to sort columns on the ‘Version Control’ tab of an iD CMS page.
  • Resolved an issue with shared components not showing up in the Components tab in iD CMS.
  • Browser tab will now display the folder title while navigating to any iD CMS folder.

My iD


  • Resolved an error that could occur when hitting ‘Enter’ after providing data in any of the available inputs fields on the ‘Edit Profile’ page.
  • Resolved an error which might occur when a user tries to upload a file in a profile field after uploading an image for the same profile.



  • Resolved an issue that caused Sharepoint News articles to be deleted after successfully editing it.
  • Resolved an issue with News Carousel where news articles were not opening in new window.
  • Resolved a data specific issue with News title where title was not rendering correctly in some rare instances.
  • Resolved an intermittent issue which might occur while editing a news article without a default thumbnail.

Online Forms


  • Added print functionality for Online Forms.
  • Added a new column in CSV for exported Online Forms which will display information about the current step of the form


  • Updated the warning message, which is displayed when a user tries to delete a form field, to make it more meaningful.

Process Tool


  • Resolved an issue with the display of incorrect completion dates when a single process is completed by the same user multiple times.

Quick Links                               


  • Resolved an issue where duplicate entries were getting added for Quick Links created by Site User.
  • Removed filters for Quick Links as Quick Links lists are sorted based on the positioning of the links.
  • Resolved an issue where a Site User was unable to add/edit Quick Links.                                                                                                    

System Requirements

For information on the minimum hardware specifications required to successfully upgrade to iD 7.1, please see the Technical Specifications

Upgrade Instructions

For details on how to upgrade to iD 7.1 please visit and complete the ‘Upgrade Form’ located in the ‘Software Upgrade’ section of the portal. 

If you have any other queries please contact us at