Intranet DASHBOARD Version 6.0

Posted on August 30, 2018

Intranet DASHBOARD Version 6.0 introduces an all-new mobile compatible dynamic layout system, as well as many other new features and improvements in the usability and overall performance of the software.

Please note the following when upgrading to iD 6.0 from earlier iD versions:
  • If you have an existing custom iD theme, it will have to undergo a redevelopment as part of your iD 6.0 upgrade. This is due to a major overhaul in this release of the frontend website interface for compatibility with mobile devices and modern browsers.
  • The following default iD themes will not be supported in iD 6.0: Beach, Citrus, Classic, Classic2, Modern, Outback, Rainforest, Redwine, Redwine2, Willow, Xen. Subsites using these themes will be updated to use the Classic 3 theme as part of the upgrade process.
  • Due to iD now using .NET Framework 4.0, custom API applications and components will need to be recompiled using .NET 4.0 in order to work in iD 6.0.

For more information or assistance with this process please contact 

  • A new Intranet DASHBOARD language resource file for version 6.0 is available for those who have chosen to customize their iD website text. Instructions for customizing your language resource file and a link to download the updated file are available on the Intranet DASHBOARD Help site here:

Intranet DASHBOARD 6.0 Enhancements & Improvements


  • New Mobile Compatible Site Layout – The iD website layout functionality has been completely overhauled and updated to dynamically scale and adapt to different screen sizes for compatibility with mobile devices. Layout editing functionality now supports drag and drop layout creation and editing using the iD CMS editing interface.

    Dynamic content display allows content to be edited from a single location and automatically presented to users in different formats and layouts depending on the device they are using or the amount of screen space available to display the content.

    For example, a single content page could be designed to display in a multiple column format on high resolution desktop/laptop displays, switching automatically to a different font size and single column layout for tablet computers and breaking text into collapsible sections when viewed on a smart phone.

    More information about the updated Layout Manager functionality and instructions for its use are available here: 
  • Improved Administration System Browser Compatibility – Overhauled the iD administration interface for compatibility with all web browsers. Access to the administration system is now available through all browsers and is no longer restricted to Internet Explorer.
  • New Multiple Choice Quiz Functionality – Added a new mode to the Quickpoll application to allow it to also function as a multiple choice quiz. Multiple choice quizzes have a single correct answer, and when users answer the quiz they are shown the correct answer and an optional link to more information. The existing poll functionality is still selected by default when creating a new poll.
  • Updated iD to run under version 4.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Added support for IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) to iD.
  • Added functionality on the expired content page to notify content owners that someone is attempting to view the expired content, and to prompt them to either extend the expiry date or remove the expired content.
  • The page footer now optionally displays the user who last edited the page in addition to the page owner. The information displayed in the footer can be controlled with the new "Footer page detail options" configuration setting.
  • Added the ability to optionally limit the number of owners that can be set on content within iD. This limit can be specified using the new "Maximum Owner Limit" configuration setting.
  • Added the ability to hide all search fields on the iD frontend website, so that a custom (non-iD) search solution can be used. This is controlled using the new 'Hide Application Search Fields' configuration setting.
  • Improved performance of the permanent delete functionality.
  • Implemented various other performance enhancements to improve overall performance of the iD application.

  • The iD CMS and Layout Manager applications can no longer be disabled. If they were previously disabled they will be enabled upon upgrade.
  • Page comments now allow apostrophes to be entered.
  • Increased the maximum width of the breadcrumb bar on the frontend website to allow for longer subsite and folder names to be displayed before the text is truncated.
  • Improved checking of text entered on the frontend website to guard against entry of malicious cross-site scripting code.
  • Online Forms is now correctly included in the content list when creating a link using the Intranet Content interface.
  • Resolved issue where disabling the Company Calendar application could cause text in a small number of other places in iD to not be displayed.
  • Fixed error that could occur under some values of the "Display manage iD CMS content to" configuration setting when using a session state database.
  • Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are no longer able to be set on a per-subsite basis. These are now set once each for the entire iD site.
  • Updated third party rich textbox to use latest version.

Website Users

  • Updated IP-based security mode functionality to allow filtering by device type (eg. Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • Added new certificate authentication mode to IP-based security mode functionality.
  • Added new configuration setting "IP Address Identification Method" to ensure client IP addresses are accurately returned when the iD site is accessed through an HTTP proxy or load balancer.
  • Added a count of the logged in users to the admin Logged In Users page.

  • Improved default login path functionality for website users to allow default paths to be removed for users.
  • Resolved some inconsistencies in the behavior of the "Frontend Logout Type" configuration setting so that the selected logout behavior is applied correctly in all security modes.
  • Resolved issue that prevented results containing spaces from being returned when searching for users and groups while assigning security permissions from Active Directory.
  • Resolved issue with website user passwords sometimes expiring prematurely when password expiry was enabled.
  • Resolved error that could occur under some circumstances when redirecting users to their default path after logging in under Active Directory security mode.

iD Administration System

  • Implemented a new and improved interface for editing configuration settings, including the ability to search for a setting, and improved categorization of settings.
  • Moved the "Search" tab on the Edit Subsite page into its own page under the Subsite Admin menu item, and updated the interface for improved usability.
  • Added more detailed logging in the event log when a subsite is edited, including details of which subsite properties have changed.
  • Added link to diagnostics page from the admin system welcome page.

  • Improved loading performance of the admin system menu.
  • Improved handling of uploaded files in Online Forms and Employee Training admin wizards to ensure they are accessible from the wizard before the wizard is completed.
  • Improved consistency and stability of admin roles permissions across all applications.
  • Updated admin single sign-on functionality to work when IP-based security is enabled.
  • Resolved error that could occur when editing an inactive subsite.
  • Resolved redirect issue that could occur when logging into the admin system under certain combinations of settings.
  • Resolved error that could occur when deleting a trust domain.
  • Fixed error that could occur when deleting a section of the breadcrumb bar on the Edit Subsite page.
  • Resolved issue that prevented users with expired admin passwords from logging in under certain circumstances after updating their password.
  • Removed the option in the Rich Textbox to open links in a Javascript popup window.
Ad Manager

  • Ads in Ad Manager now support publish and expiry dates, allowing greater control over when they are displayed.

  • Added caching functionality to the Facebook, Twitter and Yammer API components to improve performance.
  • Updated Twitter API component to work with the updated Twitter API.
  • Added new PersistentData.KeyCollection method to the iD API to return the collection of persistent data keys for the API application.
Company Calendar

  • Added new 'Breadcrumb Bar Time Format' configuration setting to control whether the time on the frontend website breadcrumb bar is displayed using 12 hour or 24 hour time format.
  • Resolved issue that could prevent invalid calendars from being deleted on the frontend website under some circumstances.
Content Publisher

  • Link Checker is now available through the Content Publisher admin interface (under Content Publisher > Advanced > Link Checker). This functionality scans content publisher folders for published documents containing broken hyperlinks and returns a report of any links that may need attention.
  • Page previews and download of source documents are now enabled for subsites in staging.
  • Inactive Quickpolls are no longer displayed in Content Publisher pages.
  • Resolved issue that caused incorrect editor details to sometimes be displayed when publishing a document.
  • Resolved permissions issue that prevented some admin users from seeing folders listed that they should have had access to.
  • Resolved error that could occur when attempting to update the owner of a document.
  • Resolved error that could occur when attempting to retrieve a report in Excel or HTML format.
Document Manager

  • When adding files to a document the file title and keywords are now automatically pre-populated with the corresponding values from the document.
  • Additional options are now available when hovering over files on the Files tab of the Add Document wizard.
  • Resolved Firefox issue that caused .doc files with file names containing spaces to have their file name truncated when the file was downloaded.

  • Resolved issue with background images not displaying when previewing a newsletter.

  • Resolved issue where the Edit Instance admin page displayed incorrect ID values for FAQ instances.
Forms Manager

  • Resolved error that occurred when members of the "Forms - Administrator" admin role attempted to add a new form.

  • Improved performance when loading content in the Forum application.

  • Added Visible and Expiry date functionality for iD CMS pages, giving enhanced control over when content becomes available. This functionality includes optional notifications when content is close to its expiry date.
  • Added permanent delete functionality for iD CMS content.
  • Created several new mobile responsive iD CMS Components for use on Layouts or iD CMS Pages.
  • Improved iD CMS Templates to allow for a more flexible site design.
  • Increased maximum title length for iD CMS pages and downloadable files to 120 characters.
  • Improved performance when editing templates with a large number of previous versions.
  • Added new "Confirm content is not confidential" configuration setting to optionally display a checkbox when saving layouts and iD CMS pages asking the user to confirm that the content being saved is not confidential.
  • Scrollbars can now be hidden on the Webpage Frame component using the component properties.

  • Improved drag and drop editing functionality so that dragging components into the editing area no longer causes page text to be selected.
  • Thumbnail images for the file download component now display at the correct size.
  • Improved file download functionality so that when editing the component it no longer times out after 20 minutes, allowing for extended editing sessions.
  • Links in the Unread Items component now correctly open in the current window when this is set as the link target in the component properties.
  • Resolved issue that could sometimes cause duplicate listings of components on the "Set Allowed Components" list while editing a template.
  • Resolved issue that caused images inside formatted text components to not display when viewing previous versions of the page.
  • Resolved issue under certain network security settings that could prevent components from being displayed in the iD CMS edit bar when editing a page.
  • Resolved display issue that could cause embedded videos to incorrectly cover other elements of the frontend interface.
  • Improved consistency of how the "Creator" security role is applied to pages in staging.
  • Improved handling of moved iD CMS pages whose original folder and template have been deleted to ensure that these pages can still be edited.
  • Deleted templates are now displayed correctly when viewing the recycle bin on the Templates tab of the Page List admin page.
  • Resolved browser caching issue that sometimes caused previous versions of files from the File Download component to be returned after the file was updated.
  • Resolved issue that caused the Create Folder popup window to close prematurely when attempting to delete a template.
  • Resolved issue that could cause multiple list entries with the same version number to be displayed in the template version history.
  • Resolved Javascript error that occurred when attempting to edit an inactive template.

Layout Manager

  • Removed the following unneeded configuration settings as part of the update to the Layout Manager application: “Custom footer control location”, “Custom home page location”, “Custom left nav control location”, “Custom right nav control location”
Meeting Room Booking

  • Resolved error that could occur if the Calendar app is on a subsite layout and the Meeting Room Booking application is disabled for that subsite's subsite group.
Nav Editor

  • Added new Insert Link button in Nav Editor that displays a listing of iD content to simplify the process of adding links to iD content to the nav bar.
  • Improved the interface for adding and editing nav items.

  • Resolved issue where links on vertical nav bars sometimes did not open using the correct link target.

  • News items requiring approval are now listed on the admin task list.
  • Resolved issue that caused a broken thumbnail image to be displayed when adding a thumbnail image to an existing article for the first time or when editing the thumbnail image for articles linked to another subsite.
  • Resolved error that could occur when attempting to print a news article using the "Print this document" link in the page footer.

  • Improved performance when loading the notifications list while viewing/assigning notifications.
  • Resolved issue that could cause notification emails to be delayed after content is edited.
  • Resolved issue that caused notification emails to not be received for Project Space content.
Online Forms

  • Added new configuration setting "Approvers Includes Website Usergroup Members" that when enabled causes the {Approvers} option in Workflow emails to include website usergroup members.
  • Resolved error that could occur when undeleting an Online Forms folder from the recycle bin in the administration system.
People Search

  • People Search now supports the Active Directory 'thumbnailphoto' attribute, allowing thumbnail images of Active Directory users to be displayed with search results.
  • Improved field validation when editing fields in the People Search application.
Project Space

  • Quicklinks section header in Project Space now displays "Quicklinks" instead of the project name.

Quick Poll

  • Improved usability of polls where multiple entries are not permitted by displaying poll results when page loads instead of the voting interface when the user has already voted.


  • Wildcard searches can now be performed using [Subsite:*] to return results from any subsite, or [Application:*] to return results from any application.
  • Subsite content is now re-indexed when the subsite path is changed, ensuring that search results from that subsite are correctly returned after the change.
  • iD CMS page content is now re-indexed when the page path is changed, ensuring that search results for content within the page are correctly returned after the change.
  • Resolved issue that could cause search results on the "All Sources" tab to be restricted after performing the same search on a custom search tab limited to returning results from a specific application.

Staff Offers

  • Added Delete button for uploaded images on the “Item Content” step when adding a new Staff Offers post.
  • Fixed thumbnail showing as a broken image on the Add Category admin page.
Survey Manager

  • Resolved issue where survey results from anonymous users displayed "()" as the user name when viewing survey results.

Theme Manager

  • Improved theme customization functionality by adding a customThemeStyle.xml file to each theme folder. Themes can now be customized by adding entries to this file to override the default theme styles without having to modify the main theme file.
  • Updated iD Themes functionality to improve performance, especially when caching is disabled.
  • Fixed issue with the Rich Textbox in some iD themes that sometimes caused lines using the 'customBullet' and 'customIndentedBullet' styles to be concatenated.
  • Resolved issue under certain theme setups that could cause styles from the default theme to replace some of the styles from the selected theme, requiring the selected theme to be reapplied.
  • The following iD themes are no longer supported: Beach, Citrus, Classic, Classic2, Lincoln, Modern, Outback, Rainforest, Redwine, Redwine2, Willow, Xen. Subsites using these themes will be updated to use the Classic 3 theme during the upgrade.
System Requirements 

For information on the minimum hardware specifications required to successfully upgrade to iD 6.0, please see the Technical Specifications. 

Upgrade Instructions

For details on how to upgrade to iD 6.0 please visit and complete the “Upgrade Form” located in the “Software Upgrade” section of the portal. 

If you have any other queries please contact us at